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The latest years the term «MIHA bodytech» has been popular. As a result many people wonder what makes this training method so special. The lack of physical activity, which relates to modern lifestyle, has the result energy intake becomes fat. Active muscles are the only organ that burn body fat ,thus improve physical condition.

MIHA bodytech is based on EMS training method (Electro muscle stimulation) ie electromysic stimulation. This method achive full body activation in minimum time. MIHA bodytech is carefully developed to act directly and in depth below body’s surface. Trainee can see results in minimum time.


High Perfomance in 20 minutes

MIHA bodytech abolish the myth hat strength,speed and endurance needs time to been achived. Each session lasts only 20 minutes and works out the entire body. It takes only two sessions per week.

In our gym high performance achived faster than ever,with full equipment MIHA and your personal trainer.

Full muscle system activation

Conventional training methods difficulty exercise all muscles,including deep muscles that play an important role in stabilizing and body performance. MIHA bodytech enables efficient training and activation of thr whole muscular system in minimal time and effort.

In snapfit, the method is applied by specially trained personal trainers with cenrtainly results by avoiding strains or injuries.

Speed improvement

By electromysic stimulation, trainee’s speed increases. This method controls directly and effectively the fast-twitch muscle fibers,thus do not make strains on a passive musculoskeletal system.

Solution to backache

MIHA bodytech comes to provide the solution for a healthy and strong back. In snapfit electromysic stimulation is targeted and specified to each trainee needs. Therefore we apply personal training individually or in small groups of 2-3 people.
With this careful training application, muscular system get activated, the spine stabilized and strengths the muscleskeletal system. Therefore, the back area is alleviated.

Slimming and firming

EMS technology has accomplished the simultaneous activation of all muscle groups ie enhance the waist and rumps. The key advantage of this method is the conversion of fat into energy,which persists hours after the session. As a result the body is improved visibly and permantly.

Collagen production and metabolism activation

Metabolism activation is vety difficult. This applies to traditional training methods. MIHA bodytrch applies dynamic muscle contraction that leads to increased collagen production and stimulation of blood flow to the skin. All the above consent to reduce body weight and fat, particularly in the hip and waist areas. Also the trainee achives tightening and cellulite confrontation.

  • Improves Blood circulation
  • Treating lower back pain
  • Treating cellulite
  • Collagen production
  • Metabolism improvement
  • Elasticity improvement
  • Muscle building
  • Increases stamina
  • Weight loss
  • Fat burning
  • Higher performance
A secure workout system

EMS training method is an approved method created by German scientists. Many studies have been cinducted on the safety and effectiveness of this method. EMS has demonstrated contribution to fitness and health improvement.
Spanfit gym trainers take into count all instructions must been followed during the implementation of training. Thus sessions are always made by a qualified instructor who can simultaneously work up 2 people.

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