Fat burn

Recover from injuries

Improving cardiorespiratory system



Wattbike offers the ultinate feeling of bicycle driving on the road. This training institution does not belong to spinning biker category. In contrast, wattbike is a classic bike configured for indoors.

Wattbike is suitable both for rehabilitation of injuries and for people who want to devote only 20 minutes of their time to workout. You can try it individually or in a group of 2.

Wattbike has two operating systems: the first is adjusted to the resistance caused by air entrapment that passes through a helix.
The second system is performed magnetically through the braking of heavy resistance disk in the bicycle.


Wattbike is the ultimate training tool for preparation, strenthening, and rehabilitation from injuries. Additionally, it offers improvement in the functioning of cardiorespiratory system and recover from injuries. At the same time icreases trainee’s strength.

Wattbike is distinguised by simplicity. That is because the practitioner does not have to worry about the exerted force of the bike by adjusting. All you need to do is climb on the bike and pedaling.

Wattbike is essentially a normal bike that measured data with high accurancy. This is an extremelly handy bike that offers a realistic feel. Contains «real» watt meter -measures the strength of the rider and contains detailed data analysis.

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